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Our Story

Ever wondered how most of our grandmothers' skins glow even beyond the wrinkles?

Indian grandmothers and mothers have for years vouched on homemade remedies not just for beauty but also for their natural medicinal properties; most of which have their roots running deep into the ancient years of Ayurveda.

JadiBeauty brings home to you the perpetual freshness of Indian herbs in their purest form to provide you with the best of natural skin and hair care.

Why JadiBeauty? 

JadiBeauty boasts of ingredients that have over the years established their antioxidant, antifungal, antiseptic, and other medicinal properties. Why use a number of different processed products on your skin when you can treat your skin with raw, naturally magical soils?

JadiBeauty soils are made with several trusted Ayurvedic herbs and our expertise. Every jar/bottle of JadiBeauty is attentively crafted to ensure the right proportions of ingredients enrich your skin. We also customize your soil for you, per your skin type.

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